National Museum Castlebar - The Museum of Country Life

The National Museum of Ireland – Country Life is located 8 kilometres east of Castlebar and 10 minutes drive form Harlequin Hotel and is home to a collection of objects and artefacts representing the traditional way of life in Ireland since 1850.

Recently the Castlebar to Turlough Greenway Track has opened. Bikes can be hired locally to cycle to the museum on a purpose built track all the way from Castlebar to the museum grounds. The track is also a pleasant walk.

Admission is free into the house and gardens. Visitors will be enlightened and will see historical artefacts which show how domestic life, agriculture, clothing, furniture, trades, transport, sports and religion were back then. This will be a unique experience where visitors will see how Ireland was compared to how it now is. It guarantees to attract and hold the attention and interest of visitors.
For more information on the events that are taking place please visit: or watch the short video presentation below.